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Project Description
A DotNetNuke (photo) gallery module based on templating. Basic photo management implementation. No subfolders, just a straight list of pictures. Perfect if you need to include a small gallery on a DNN page. Comes complete with a number of lightbox and rotator templates.

As so many projects this grew out of a discrepancy between what I needed and what was out there. The features of this module are:
  • Templated output of a list of images using simple HTML templates but powerful enough to use existing jQuery lightbox solutions to render this
  • Simple management of a single list (i.e. no hierarchy) of images
  • Ability to regenerate the thumbnails in case you want them a different size after having uploaded the images already (this means keeping the original)
  • jQuery uploader for smooth uploading of multiple files at once
  • Edit screen with drag and drop support to help reorder pictures

The templating solution is quite elaborate and illustrates, IMHO, how DotNetNuke's so-called token replace mechanism can be enhanced to include iteration. I've also added a mechanism to allow for a collection of settings for each template that can then be edited by the editor.

Included (jQuery) templates are: Note I cannot guarantee they will all play nice with your site. A common cause of jQuery issues is clashes between installed components and/or the used skin. If you have issues you'll need to debug yourself using tools like Firebug.

Project Sponsor


This project was donated by Bring2mind, makers of DotNetNuke's premier document management module Document Exchange. The programmer is Peter Donker, DotNetNuke Trustee.

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